1. Book Chapter
    Revisiting Popular Understandings of Democracy in Asia: Evidence from New Survey Instruments in the Fifth Wave of the ABS
    Lu, Jie, and Le Bao
    The ABS 20th Anniversary Commemorative Volume I

Working Papers

Under review

  1. Book Chapter
    Bayesian Spatial Methods and Public Opinion of Geographical Areas
    Bao, Le, Jamie L. Carson, and Jeff Gill
  2. Article
    A Non-Parametric, Entropy-Based Measure of Mass Political Polarization
    Bao, Le, and Jeff Gill

In revision

  1. Research note
    Modeling Aggregate Political Behavior with Compositional Explanatory Variables
    Bao, Le
  2. Article
    Socio-Economic Inequality and Mass Polarization: The Roles of Party Polarization and Welfare State
    Bao, Le
  3. Article
    krige: An R Package for Geospatial Kriging with Metropolis Sampling
  4. Article
    Illusion of Knowing and Attitude Extremity
    Lu, Jie, Yongrong Cao and Le Bao
  5. Article
    American Public’s Views on U.S.-China Trade
    Bao, Le

Work in Progress

Under contract

  1. Book
    Bayesian Social Science Statistics from the Very Beginning
    Gill, Jeff, and Le Bao

In progress

  1. Article
    Objective Impact, Information, and Public Opinion on China and Trade: A Spatial Analysis on OECD Countries
    Bao, Le
  2. Article
    Revisiting the ‘Asian Value’: A Bayesian Latent Variable Approach
    Bao, Le



  1. R package
    krige: Geospatial Kriging with Metropolis Sampling
  2. R package
    krige_ext: Experimental Version of krige
  3. R package
    superdiag: A Comprehensive Test Suite for Testing Markov Chain Nonconvergence
    Bao, Le, Jeff Gill, Tsung-han Tsai and Jonathan Rapkin